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Make Your Computer and the Internet Work for You Make Your Computer and the Internet Work for You
Turn technology into the business-building tool it's meant to be.
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“I've never seen anything like this book; it's wonderful! And at 81, with over 30 years experience in the life insurance industry, I've seen a lot. Over the years, I've taken adult-ed computer courses locally, but none have given me the clear direction that your book has. Since buying a copy three weeks ago, I've been going through it chapter-by-chapter. You asked what part of it I found most helpful? ALL of it! I've even sent a copy to marketing vice president at my company's home office suggesting that he make it available to all our agents!”
—Ken Karr, Agent
GPM Life

Work Smarter, Not Harder

If there's a secret to success in business today, that's it.

But figuring out the right formula can be difficult-especially if you're trying to fit technology into the equation.

Winning Clients in a Wired World makes the job easier, spelling out exactly what you need to know to save time, make more money, and build greater value into your business using technology you already own.

To start learning how read author Kip Gregory's welcome letter.